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Lending is Good.

  • Give a lot without giving up a lot
  • Reduce your attachment to material possessions
  • Save the environment: More lending is less buying
  • Help out and meet your neighbors
  • Connect with others with similar interests. Encourage people to take up your passions.
  • Get more use out of your items. Justify purchasing something you wouldn't make enough use of yourself.

LendList is Easy.

  • Lend & Track:

    The fastest way to let friends know what you are willing to lend to them, and track who has what.
  • Borrow:

    Easily see what your friends and fellow group members are willing to lend to you.
  • Connect:

    Enable your friends and group members to lend and borrow with each other.
  • It's Safe:

    LendList doesn't display your name or contact info. Friends contact you directly or use a web form.
  • It's Free

    and it always will be.
  • It's Flexible:

    Export or print your list.

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