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About is a better way to live.

We think lending is good. The lender gets more use out of their items, reduces their attachment to their material possessions, and helps out the borrower. The borrower saves money and the environment by not buying something they don't need to buy. In the end everyone has more for less. Access to far more goods. More money in your pocket. Less environmental impact. exists to make lending items easier.

It makes it easier to let your friends, neighbors, and fellow group members know what you have available to them. It makes tracking who has what easier. And it makes learning about what you have available to borrow easier. forgoes the complicated.

No credits. No friendship approvals. No messaging systems. You lend and borrow items offline the way you normally would. We just make learning what's available and tracking it easier.

LendList was built by Jordan Klassen. It is no longer in active development (just bug fixes and small tweaks). It we'll be maintained as is for the foreseeable future.

Phone:  604-221-0914